Welcome to Melanie Dorothy

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As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons...make lemon coconut slice, or lemon meringue cupcakes. Well, that is my version anyway! And when life handed me...let's say a man-sized lemon, this is exactly what I did. A few years ago, I was forced to look at my life and think about what made me really happy - what I could do that would make me get out of bed every single day, with a little shimmy and a big smile. I thought about what I loved most in the world, and dancing and roller-skating came to mind. Now, unless a re-make of Xanadu was in the works, there was no way I could pursue this as a career. Then I thought of my one true love...baking. Baking and eating sweet treats brings me nothing but pure enjoyment. I'm the person who orders a dessert for main and who, when in Paris, bypasses The Louvre and Notre Dame, to skip from patisserie to patisserie.


So I set about baking cupcakes, cookies and slices for...well everyone! I have been honing my skills on friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours for the past few years and am now ready to cater to the sweet teeth of Melbourne.


Of course, I was also schooled in one of the best classrooms in the world...Nan's kitchen. So thank you Dorothy and thank you for not only passing on all your good, old-fashioned tips, but for also reminding me that an apron is so much more gorgeous than a suit. And to the Polish side of my family, how do you thank someone for introducing you to homemade Paczki? This is clearly in my DNA!


Melanie xx